Contract Law:
Before you enter into any business contract or any type of written contract it is always important to have it reviewed by an Attorney to ensure you fully understand the terms and conditions you are binding yourself to. Once an individual enters into a Contract that law presumes that you fully understood and agreed with the terms of same even if you didn’t. Often times, we have clients that come to us seeking assistance to terminate a Contract they entered into but did not fully represent their interests and wishes. Although we have been very successfully in invalidating and/or amending Contracts, it is far less expensive to have an experienced attorney either draft or review a contract prior to you signing it then it is to litigate a contract that was poorly drafted.
If you do find yourself in a contract that you either want to enforce, or is being enforced against you, at Angulo Diaz Law Group, P.A we will provide you with the expert help you need. We work closely with our clients and our first objective is try to resolve the issue without expensive litigation. But where litigation is unavoidable, we are fearless in enforcing and/or defending our client’s rights.