Family Law:

Ending a marriage is traumatic, and the process can be very overwhelming. Each case is unique and requires an experienced attorney who can provide a creative and skilled approach to the law.
It is vital that when going through this process you are represented by an attorney who has the necessary experience in all areas of family law to walk you through such difficult times in your life.
These cases include but are not limited to; Petitions for Dissolution of Marriage, child custody and support, division of marital property, negotiation and preparation of separation and property settlement agreements and issues involving visitation, relocations, and modifications of already existing agreements that no longer fit the needs of the parties involved.
Frequently, separation and later, divorce, is thought of as a straight-forward process involving the applicable divorce laws. In fact, separation involves complex issues of finance and support, child-rearing, present debts and future obligations, property divisions and many other issues. The lawyers at Angulo Diaz Law Group, P.A. practice and remain informed with respect to the broader issues that impact families in distress. During the separation and divorce process, our Attorneys are ready to assist you and work with tax, bankruptcy, business and mental health experts, as well as other experts to provide the service and assistance each case requires.
The Attorneys at Angulo Diaz Law Group, will provide you with the supportive, creative, and vigorous representation needed during your family crisis.